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Definition of pass out:

Synonyms for pass out:

expire, hand over, distribute, decease, parcel out, propagate, faint, broadcast, disperse, board, slump, pass, break, contribute, yield, snuff it, dish out, spread, stun, pass away, dole out, black out, pass on, circulate, croak, diffuse, cash in one's chips, attendance, disseminate, die, part with, go under, keel, give, run out, give way, fit, perish, deal out, pass around, absenteeism, drop dead, enrollment, present, circularize, audit, collapse, go, shell out, conk, stall, exit, pop off, stagger, lavish, circularise, enroll, give out, go bad, choke, dispense, attend, give-up the ghost, fail, zonk out, swoon, allot, administer, buy the farm, hand, emit, kick the bucket, help, give off, conk out, entrance, blacken out, absence, break down, mete out, drop out, hand out, lot, deal, knock out.