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Definition of pass over:

Synonyms for pass over:

hop, come home, turn a blind eye (to something), breed, catapult, cover, start, put over, spoil, parachute, dismiss, crossbreed, stick out, bump up, continue, elevate, get through, pass, spread over, tail, handle, comprehend, neglect, underwrite, derail, wrap up, enshroud, click, chase after, treat, move through, startle, jump-start, exalt, sweep, thwart, foil, master, hybridize, stand out, alternate, leap out, tag, surmount, frustrate, penetrate, overcome, bound, spring, go after, advancement, condone, shroud, decamp, excuse, sweep aside, brood, scotch, pardon, cut across, acquit, give chase, fall into place, get across, climb up, hide, leap, intersect, absolve, plow, transit, pass through, track, bounce back, chase, get well, extend, skip over, skip, divest, vamoose, deal, aggrandizement, trail, cover up, go over, infiltrate, jump off, elevation, embrace, subdue, wink at, hatch, interbreed, dawn, pass across, bilk, gloss over, skitter, compensate, baffle, rise, report, demote, overlook, hybridise, forgive, cut, dog, hop-skip, bound off, remit, jumpstart, encompass, pass by, disregard, traverse, wipe, address, get over, cut through, overlay, overfly, sink in, cross, ignore, skim, play/act dumb, insure, look the other way, jump, incubate, jump out, overcompensate, downgrade, deny, connive, chute, span, crosscut.