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Definition of passable:

  1. Capable of being freely circulated or disseminated; acceptable; generally receivable; current.
  2. Capable of being passed, traveled, navigated, traversed, penetrated, or the like; as, the roads are not passable; the stream is passablein boats.
  3. Such as may be allowed to pass without serious objection; tolerable; admissable; moderate; mediocre.


traversable, fair, equal, fairish, moderate, good, climbable, respectable, ordinary, goodish, satisfactory, available, decent, open, mediocre, tolerable, travelable, fair to middling, graded, fair, broad, all right, adequate, enough, negotiable, accessible, common, impossible, penetrable, sufficient, easy, common, surmountable, navigable, traveled, beaten, indifferent, average, OK, impassable, all right, tidy, so-so.

Usage examples: