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Definition of passionate:

  1. Capable or susceptible of passion, or of different passions; easily moved, excited or agitated; specifically, easily moved to anger; irascible; quick- tempered; as, a passionate nature.
  2. Characterized by passion; expressing passion; ardent in feeling or desire; vehement; warm; as, a passionate friendship.
  3. Suffering; sorrowful.
  4. To affect with passion; to impassion.
  5. To express feelingly or sorrowfully.


sultry, wistful, prurient, lecherous, feelings, impassioned, hot-blooded, demon-ridden, flaming, fanatic, affecting, rabid, intense, swelling, expressive, scorching, libidinous, glowing, forceful, overzealous, hot-blooded, red-hot, perfervid, amative, dithyrambic, ardent, inspiring, concupiscent, turned on, thrilling, aflame, fanatical, fervent, flaming, burning, lewd, torrid, ablaze, sexy, concupiscent, wild, violent, intense, hot, blazing, stimulating, deep, poignant, steamy, choleric, dramatic, fiery, eloquent, fervid, blazing, sex, lustful, vehement, melodramatic, exciting, warm, stirring, heated, moving, lascivious, lusty, glowing, heated, horny, aroused.

Usage examples: