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Definition of passive:

  1. Designating certain morbid conditions, as hemorrhage or dropsy, characterized by relaxation of the vessels and tissues, with deficient vitality and lack of reaction in the affected tissues.
  2. Inactive; inert; not showing strong affinity; as, red phosphorus is comparatively passive.
  3. Not active, but acted upon; suffering or receiving impressions or influences; as, they were passive spectators, not actors in the scene.
  4. Receiving or enduring without either active sympathy or active resistance; without emotion or excitement; patient; not opposing; unresisting; as, passive obedience; passive submission.


enduring, resist, affected, patient, latent, peaceful, nonoperational, quiet, resistless, peaceable, resigned, nonviolent, supine, inactive, receptive, nonresistant, resigned, passive voice, influenced, forbearing, unresisting.

Usage examples: