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Definition of patch:

  1. A block on the muzzle of a gun, to do away with the effect of dispart, in sighting.
  2. A paltry fellow; a rogue; a ninny; a fool.
  3. A piece of cloth, or other suitable material, sewed or otherwise fixed upon a garment to repair or strengthen it, esp. upon an old garment to cover a hole.
  4. A piece of greased cloth or leather used as wrapping for a rifle ball, to make it fit the bore.
  5. A small piece of anything used to repair a breach; as, a patch on a kettle, a roof, etc.
  6. A small piece of black silk stuck on the face, or neck, to hide a defect, or to heighten beauty.
  7. Fig.: Anything regarded as a patch; a small piece of ground; a tract; a plot; as, scattered patches of trees or growing corn.
  8. To adorn, as the face, with a patch or patches.
  9. To make of pieces or patches; to repair as with patches; to arrange in a hasty or clumsy manner; - generally with up; as, to patch up a truce.
  10. To mend by sewing on a piece or pieces of cloth, leather, or the like; as, to patch a coat.
  11. To mend with pieces; to repair with pieces festened on; to repair clumsily; as, to patch the roof of a house.


spotting, heal, berth, molecule, go, fixture, tack, tinker's dam, snippet, breast pocket, part, granule, backyard, tittle, billet, mote, art object, compress, nugget, cotton ball, alpha version, arabesque, array, atom, smear, breast, secret plan, application, care label, articulation, collar, ashtray, autoresponder, temporary hookup, eyepatch, bandage, situation, put together, place, garden, flyspeck, cane, doctor, tinker's damn, eyespot, small-arm, piece, bodice, staining, corset, bit, arrangement, damn, set up, address, plot of ground, mottle, morsel, dot, firearm, cessation, border, scruple, revamp, blot, spot, overhaul, magical spell, settle, plot of land, tack together, right, abode, bower, do up, charm, magic spell, a roof over your head, habitation, help, bib, game, address book, daub, draw on, mend, turn, accounting package, opus, herbaceous border, touch, heel, nicotine gum, application software, fleck, cotton, botanical garden, chain-smoke, smudge, composition, piece of music, town, dapple, authoring software, particle, column, man, mending, smirch, environment, arm, red cent, patch up, point, shit, check, crumb, cold turkey, drag, spotlight, speck, hoot, maintain, light up, bed, configuration, backup utility, pip, office, braces, stain, Band-Aid, coloration, set right, allotment, post, tour, speckle, make up, beta version, while, blotch, chip, scrap, draw, slice, snip, buttonhole, armhole, assemble, occupant, musical composition, dribble, cast, automatic recovery program, flowerbed, objet d'art, fixing, spell, flake, home, darn, reconcile, reparation, conciliate, plot, slur, the home front, habit, grounds, maculation, chronology, argyle, nubbin, topographic point, pick, nibble, occupier, fix up, coattails, shucks, enchantment, position, splotch, grain, trance.

Usage examples: