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Definition of pathetic:

  1. Affecting or moving the tender emotions, esp. pity or grief; full of pathos; as, a pathetic song or story.
  2. Expressing or showing anger; passionate.


low-down, despicable, wretched, laughable, unworthy, rueful, zany, worthless, absurd, slaphappy, pity, base, scummy, dizzy, mournful, measly, execrable, farcical, light-headed, suffering, distressing, sad, paltry, sappy, undignified, woeful, poor, nonsensical, cockeyed, derisory, abject, wacky, cockamamie, empty-headed, giddy, touching, hapless, ridiculous, affecting, sorry, deplorable, ugly, woful, moving, idiotic, silly, feeble, low, unfortunate, piteous, slimy, ruthful, miserable, lightheaded, cockamamy, misfortunate, featherbrained, preposterous, goofy, whacky, vile, scurvy, short, ludicrous, punch-drunk, sorrowful, airheaded, pitiable, pitiful, contemptible, inadequate.

Usage examples: