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Definition of patriarchal:

  1. Characteristic of a patriarch; venerable.
  2. Having an organization of society and government in which the head of the family exercises authority over all its generations.
  3. Of or pertaining to a patriarch or to patriarchs; possessed by, or subject to, patriarchs; as, patriarchal authority or jurisdiction; a patriarchal see; a patriarchal church.


time-honored, old, gray, established, immemorial, patricentric, decrepit, patriarchic, clanswoman, elder, clansman, flat, time-worn, structured, venerable, black sheep, antique, antiquated, olden, the elder, central, remote, dependent, structural, blood, tiered, governing, informal, regulatory, hoary, blood relation, self-regulatory, eldest, charge, ancient, elderly, senile, aged.

Usage examples: