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Definition of patrician:

  1. A person of high birth; a nobleman.
  2. Of or pertaining to the Roman patres ( fathers) or senators, or patricians.
  3. Of, pertaining to, or appropriate to, a person of high birth; noble; not plebeian.
  4. One familiar with the works of the Christian Fathers; one versed in patristic lore.
  5. Originally, a member of any of the families constituting the populus Romanus, or body of Roman citizens, before the development of the plebeian order; later, one who, by right of birth or by special privilege conferred, belonged to the nobility.


drab, dingy, low, aristocratic, puritanic, docile, upper-crust, gamey, depressed, blasphemous, blueish, highbred, gamy, risque, dreary, downcast, gloomy, grim, upper-class, dark, dispirited, low-spirited, spicy, racy, down, highborn, elite, easy, over, blue, wellborn, downhearted, naughty, aristocratical, down in the mouth, puritanical, thoroughbred, disconsolate, gentle, soft, profane, juicy, bluish, sorry, blue-blooded, drear, blue blood, dismal, aristocrat.

Usage examples: