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Definition of patronage:

  1. Business custom.
  2. Guardianship, as of a saint; tutelary care.
  3. Special countenance or support; favor, encouragement, or aid, afforded to a person or a work; as, the patronage of letters; patronage given to an author.
  4. The right of nomination to political office; also, the offices, contracts, honors, etc., which a public officer may bestow by favor.
  5. The right of presentation to church or ecclesiastical benefice; advowson.
  6. To act as a patron of; to maintain; to defend.


funding, disdain, line of work, reliever, abide, encouragement, clientele, superciliousness, hold, tolerate, insolence, business concern, patronization, buy at, mount, business organization, financial support, defense, business organisation, confirm, stage business, plump for, trade, bookable, aid, endorse, booking, substitute, benefaction, hold up, financing, check in, swap, business, accompaniment, endure, toleration, job, musical accompaniment, fend for, line, computer backup, despite, assistance, custom, shop at, scorn, concern, late checkout, title, a good/bad turn, suffer, guardianship, frequent, substantiate, barter, sponsorship, shop, civility, disdainfulness, plunk for, support, advocacy, fill-in, pork, help, relief, condescendingness, check into, keep going, cooperation, back up, trade wind, auspice, grant, solidarity, loyalty, trading, patronise, business enterprise, sponsor, bridge over, brazenness, stand, book in, backing, defend, contribution, business sector, protection, swop, sympathies, back, aegis, traffic, politics, recommendation, indorse, spoil, deal, digest, guest, condescension, buddy system, commerce, craft, run on, patronization, stick out, subsidy, corroborate, stand-in, commercial enterprise, deference, occupation, sufferance, patronize, affirm, business deal, contempt, condescend, service, bear out, championship, stomach, bear, homestay, backup man, shopping, patron, byplay, tide over, underpin, condescendence, check out, financial backing, sustain, hand, brook, moral support, subscribe, put up, endorsement, backup.

Usage examples: