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Definition of patterned:

  1. of Pattern


lentiginose, blotchy, even, burled, flowered, figured, marbleised, tabby, banded, stippled, lentiginous, candy-striped, stripy, slashed, laced, pinstriped, marbled, pointilist, flecked, striped, specked, floral, dotted, moire, pinstripe, crisscross, dappled, broken, tessellated, chronological, brindle, speckled, marbleized, veinlike, venose, splotched, checkerboard, brindled, pointilistic, blotched, sprigged, brinded, chequered, streaky, veined, mottled, checkered, spotted, freckled, watered, patched, checked, streaked.

Usage examples: