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Definition of pause:

  1. A break or paragraph in writing.
  2. A hold. See 4th Hold, 7.
  3. A temporary stop or rest; an intermission of action; interruption; suspension; cessation.
  4. In speaking or reading aloud, a brief arrest or suspension of voice, to indicate the limits and relations of sentences and their parts.
  5. In writing and printing, a mark indicating the place and nature of an arrest of voice in reading; a punctuation point; as, teach the pupil to mind the pauses.
  6. Temporary inaction or waiting; hesitation; suspence; doubt.
  7. To be intermitted; to cease; as, the music pauses.
  8. To cause to stop or rest; - used reflexively.
  9. To hesitate; to hold back; to delay.
  10. To make a short stop; to cease for a time; to intermit speaking or acting; to stop; to wait; to rest.
  11. To stop in order to consider; hence, to consider; to reflect.


give out, faltering, rupture, kick downstairs, con brio, tarry, truce, panel, breaking, breakage, immobilize, better, abatement, continue, continuation, recrudesce, check, arr., deactivate, weaken, offend, shift, breach, divulge, prison-breaking, irresolution, go bad, finish, hesitance, expose, drop, break down, hesitate, erupt, reveal, andante, wear out, steadiness, violate, bust, soften, disengage, break, decide, breather, interruption, bide, part, create uncertainty, flip off, lever, break up, dither, cooling-off period, come to an end, respite, dangling, jailbreak, go, let on, faulting, bar, discover, prisonbreak, abeyance, fail, get around, wavering, vacillation, deadlock, get out, cave in, hesitancy, breath, burst, cannibalize, break out, go against, control, give, happy chance, give away, bring out, bring to an end, bar line, stagger, founder, fast forward, clef, split, waffle, intermission, confuse, cause doubt, bass clef, ceaselessness, leave off, break off, snap off, falling out, fall in, wobbling, disable, fence-sitting, shilly-shally, adagio, suspension, come apart, dial, hanging, severance, intermit, disclose, unwrap, knob, demote, console, suspension system, gaolbreak, give over, release, die, allegro, breakout, time out, break dance, abstain, flash, give up, relegate, ruin, bump, temporary removal, waver, break in, fault, persistence, bankrupt, cut, interim, abide, split up, disruption, gap, flick, interregnum, give way, wobble, lapse, break away, break of serve, crack, indecision, fall apart, smash, linger, conclude, separate, good luck, lull, stopover, transgress, let out, create suspicion, collapse, infract, open frame, wear, geological fault, master switch, damp, vacillate, fracture, con amore, dampen, prolongation, conk out, rift, develop, shilly-shallying.

Usage examples: