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Definition of peevish:

  1. Expressing fretfulness and discontent, or unjustifiable dissatisfaction; as, a peevish answer.
  2. Habitually fretful; easily vexed or fretted; hard to please; apt to complain; querulous; petulant.
  3. Silly; childish; trifling.


scratchy, fretful, bad-tempered, abrasive, spotty, quick-tempered, complaining, plaguey, recalcitrant, pestiferous, rough, pestering, vexatious, fractious, crank, testy, waspish, obstinate, choleric, sensitive, grumpy, uneven, gravelly, mean, angry, vexing, galling, teasing, crabby, snippety, moody, fiery, crotchety, refractory, ratty, tippy, temperamental, pertinacious, cranky, techy, ill-tempered, irritable, attitude, stuffy, tetchy, bothersome, rasping, raspy, snippy, snappy, snarky, grouchy, nettlesome, querulous, ugly, ill-natured, hot-tempered, petulant, short-tempered, irritating, morose, disagreeable, annoying, plaguy, grating, perverse, tender, nasty, peckish, out of sorts, pettish, excitable, pesky.

Usage examples: