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Definition of peg:

  1. A drink of spirits, usually whisky or brandy diluted with soda water.
  2. A small, pointed piece of wood, used in fastening boards together, in attaching the soles of boots or shoes, etc.; as, a shoe peg.
  3. A step; a degree; esp. in the slang phrase To take one down peg.
  4. A wooden pin, or nail, on which to hang things, as coats, etc. Hence, colloquially and figuratively: A support; a reason; a pretext; as, a peg to hang a claim upon.
  5. One of the pins of a musical instrument, on which the strings are strained.
  6. One of the pins used for marking points on a cribbage board.
  7. To put pegs into; to fasten the parts of with pegs; as, to peg shoes; to confine with pegs; to restrict or limit closely.
  8. To score with a peg, as points in the game; as, she pegged twelwe points.
  9. To work diligently, as one who pegs shoes; - usually with on, at, or away; as, to peg away at a task.


pick up, tack, boom, cop, notch, nail down, peg down, thole, pegleg, branch, pivot, nail, fastener, point, joint, fall, stage, reefer, narrow down, big, smash, leg, pin, pass with flying colors, linchpin, marker, settle, level, holder, pin tumbler, sweep through, pin down, flag, breeze through, ace, step, rowlock, bolt, narrow, blast, finalise, spliff, arrest, treenail, finalize, dowel, collar, control stick, pinpoint, dowel, tholepin, nab, specify, stick, grade, apprehend, oarlock, rung, plug, degree, joystick, nog, sail through, ramification, marijuana cigarette, screw, wooden leg, bowling pin, complete.

Usage examples: