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Definition of penurious:

  1. Destitute of money; suffering extreme want.
  2. Excessively sparing in the use of money; sordid; stingy; miserly.
  3. Not bountiful or liberal; scanty.


dirt-poor, hard up, famished, beggared, penniless, stingy, avaricious, stinting, rapacious, pinched, broke, ungenerous, covetous, sparing, niggardly, penny-pinching, give, tight, uncharitable, indigent, tightfisted, pinching, pauperized, costive, spare, cheap, hard-fisted, impecunious, poor, in straitened circumstances, pinchpenny, close, miserly, mean, niggard, strapped, petty, rich, greedy, closefisted, needful, mingy, chintzy, needy, necessitous, parsimonious, threadbare, skint, sordid, close-fisted.

Usage examples: