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Definition of peon:

  1. A day laborer; a servant; especially, in some of the Spanish American countries, debtor held by his creditor in a form of qualified servitude, to work out a debt.
  2. A foot soldier; a policeman; also, an office attendant; a messenger.
  3. See 2d Pawn.
  4. See Poon.


slogger, eager beaver, navvy, wonk, plugger, grub, overachiever, grunt, grubber, cowhand, toiler, slavey, fag, workaholic, cowpoke, dirt farmer, drudge, robot, dogsbody, galley slave, drone, buckaroo, workhorse, cattleman, cowboy, automaton, cowgirl, hack, farmhand, farmer, foot soldier, hacker, machine, field hand, drudger.

Usage examples: