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Definition of perform:

  1. To carry through; to bring to completion; to achieve; to accomplish; to execute; to do.
  2. To discharge; to fulfill; to act up to; as, to perform a duty; to perform a promise or a vow.
  3. To do, execute, or accomplish something; to acquit one's self in any business; esp., to represent sometimes by action; to act a part; to play on a musical instrument; as, the players perform poorly; the musician performs on the organ.
  4. To represent; to act; to play; as in drama.


serve, extemporize, misbehave, give, arrange, enforce, effect, make history, engage in, actualize, finish, produce, consummate, show, cause, dress, show off, emcee, bring off, accomplish, debut, manage, practise, run, bring to pass, present, go on, prosecute, trump, dispose of, do, excel, impersonate, action, entertain, coif, fail, bring about, set, implement, take, compass, fulfil, make out, represent, shine, get along, go through with, stage, carry on, nail, conjure, display, execute, enact, complete, upstage, play-act, fulfill, fare, see to, discharge, muddle through, pull off, deliver, neglect, go about, smash a record, go in for, coiffe, fall to, rehearse, answer, make, interpret, come, put to death, work out, performing arts, carry out, follow through, cap, distinguish yourself, carry off, negotiate, portray, achieve, amuse, keep, clown, dramatize, exhibit, administer, realize, offer, substitute, put through, carry through, deal with, coiffure, joke, put on, suffice.

Usage examples: