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Definition of performance:

  1. That which is performed or accomplished; a thing done or carried through; an achievement; a deed; an act; a feat; esp., an action of an elaborate or public character.
  2. The act of performing; the carrying into execution or action; execution; achievement; accomplishment; representation by action; as, the performance of an undertaking of a duty.


administration, contrarian, process, cognitive operation, executing, hula, appearance, failure, debut, reading, double bill, capital-intensive, quality assurance, rendering, chore, execution, version, work, grind, effectuation, surgical operation, mental process, exhibition, attainment, review, par, flood, curtain raiser, doing, pageant, level, exertion, cycle, production number, struggle, performing arts, standard, discharge, transaction, burn up, rehearsal, drama, mathematical operation, quality, perpetration, execution of instrument, offering, act, reaction, play, jam session, headache, military operation, the Proms, command performance, carrying out, exhibit, writ of execution, special, representation, implementation, effectuation, baseline, surgical procedure, capital gains tax, rendition, idle, criterion, pursuance, interpretation, show, arbitrage, burlesque, surgical process, public presentation, capital, opera, achievement, enactment, double feature, jam, capital punishment, necessity, death penalty, gig, phrasing, effect, promenade concert, concert, backfire, realization, surgery, functioning, working, annuity, completion, murder, mare, draw, the impossible, mathematical process, operation, the elephant in the room, spectacle, display, rating, derivative, do, cut out, instruction execution, go, a tall order, cognitive process, slaying, enforcement, booking, fulfillment, debenture, burden, accomplishment, prosecution, machine, bond, gauge, consummation, carrying into action, blue chip, fire.

Usage examples: