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Definition of periodical:

  1. A magazine or other publication which appears at stated or regular intervals.
  2. Happening, by revolution, at a stated time; returning regularly, after a certain period of time; acting, happening, or appearing, at fixed intervals; recurring; as, periodical epidemics.
  3. Of or pertaining to a period or periods, or to division by periods.
  4. Performed in a period, or regular revolution; proceeding in a series of successive circuits; as, the periodical motion of the planets round the sun.


hourly, occasionally, repeated, back copy, serial, alternate, on-and-off, at regular times, at fixed intervals, back issue, annual, centennial, oscillating, weekly, at regular intervals, daily, biweekly, on certain occasions, spasmodic, recurrent, constant, occasional, sometimes, pendulumlike, every so often, rhythmic, (every) now and then/again, oscillatory, recurring, periodic, fitful, monthly, steady, frequent, infrequent, pulsed, serialized, comic, comic book, cyclic, cyclical, orbital, brochure, recurrent, back number, fluctuating, sporadic, continue, repetition, at various times, regular, habitual, isochronal, yearly, compact, perennial, continual, broadsheet, isochronous, intermittent, at predetermined times, cyclical, episodic, from time to time.

Usage examples: