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Definition of permanent:

  1. Continuing in the same state, or without any change that destroys form or character; remaining unaltered or unremoved; abiding; durable; fixed; stable; lasting; as, a permanent impression.


unceasing, everlasting, resistant, eternal, perennial, sound, imperishable, backcomb, permanent wave, unremitting, crimp, tough, blow-dry, comb, unyielding, strong, hardy, perdurable, barbershop, undying, resisting, long-standing, long-lasting, perpetual, Perm, impenetrable, continuing, ageless, robust, enduring, living, sturdy, dateless, indefinite, unfailing, forever, braid, unbroken, comb out, old, condition, cornrow, holding, deathless, standing, irreversible, indissoluble, wearing, lasting, continue, abiding, unchanging, unending, tenacious, long-lived, hard.

Usage examples: