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Definition of perpetual:

  1. Neverceasing; continuing forever or for an unlimited time; unfailing; everlasting; continuous.


continual, invariably, repeating, aeonian, incessant, stark, ever, sodding, ageless, running, constant, pure, uninterrupted, all the time, consummate, regularly, unfailing, all the while, complete, at all times, continue, unending, gross, world without end, intermittent, unremitting, double-dyed, never-ending, repetitious, eternal, short, deathless, continued, ceaseless, utter, unceasing, constantly, always, a lot, often, eterne, frequent, necessarily, lasting, repeatedly, changeless, thoroughgoing, unadulterated, everlasting, relentless, endless, amaranthine, frequently, hourly, round-the-clock, common, sempiternal, never-ceasing, continuous, invariant, transitory, returning, arrant, staring, eonian, annual, permanent, around-the-clock, immortal, ongoing, imperishable, dateless, perfect.

Usage examples: