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Definition of persistent:

  1. ( biology) retained; not shed; " persistent leaves remain attached past maturity"; " the persistent gills of fishes"
  2. Inclined to persist; having staying qualities; tenacious of position or purpose.
  3. Remaining beyond the period when parts of the same kind sometimes fall off or are absorbed; permanent; as, persistent teeth or gills; a persistent calyx; - opposed to deciduous, and caducous.


glum, sour, grim, contumacious, unforgiving, lasting, brutal, refractory, morose, continual, uninterrupted, relentless, glowering, recollective, long-lasting, eternal, importunate, timeless, saturnine, long-standing, unfailing, round-the-clock, long-lived, continue, pertinacious, unforgettable, importune, sullen, haunting, unappeasable, moody, dour, intractable, urgent, around-the-clock, lingering, ongoing, chronic, heady, forbidding, long, inflexible, dark, perdurable, old, unconquerable, retentive, mulish, opinionated, unrelenting.

Usage examples: