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Definition of perturbation:

  1. A disturbance in the regular elliptic or other motion of a heavenly body, produced by some force additional to that which causes its regular motion; as, the perturbations of the planets are caused by their attraction on each other.
  2. The act of perturbing, or the state of being perturbed; esp., agitation of mind.


hoo-ha, dislocation, nervousness, flutter, interruption, psychological disorder, to-do, apprehensiveness, concern, worry, unease, folie, anxiousness, solicitude, swage, dither, affray, noise, overthrow, mental disorder, gap, kerfuffle, disquietude, hurly burly, fray, concernment, ruffle, turnover, anxiety, upset, overturn, stew, nervosity, calm, disturbance, disruption, apprehension, sweat, fluster, uneasiness, agita, care, hoo-hah, mental disturbance, break, lather, interference, fear.

Usage examples: