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Definition of peter:

  1. A common baptismal name for a man. The name of one of the apostles,
  2. To become exhausted; to run out; to fail; - used generally with out; as, that mine has petered out.


light beam, decrease, beam, diaphysis, lessen, shot, son of a bitch, woodpecker, spear, bill, pricking, shit, Saint Peter the Apostle, let up, hammer, dickhead, scape, putz, jibe, drain, ray of light, shaft of light, stopcock, lance, Simon Peter, St Peter, ray, increase, shaft, nib, scratch, neb, gumshoe, calamus, asshole, reduce, turncock, pecker, irradiation, beak, dig, rotating shaft, bastard, diminish, gibe, prick, cocksucker, dent, peckerwood, Saint Peter, cock, instrument, rooster, whoreson, ebb, barb, slit, rebate, St Peter the Apostle, dwindle, hawkshaw, slam, quill, puppet, incision, tool, dick, beam of light, creature.

Usage examples: