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Definition of phlegm:

  1. A watery distilled liquor, in distinction from a spirituous liquor.
  2. One of the four humors of which the ancients supposed the blood to be composed. See Humor.
  3. Sluggishness of temperament; dullness; want of interest; indifference; coldness.
  4. Viscid mucus secreted in abnormal quantity in the respiratory and digestive passages.


planeness, composure, spittle, impassibility, matte, lustrelessness, slackness, feelings, apathy, sluggishness, quietness, mucus, disinterest, emotionlessness, numbness, two-dimensionality, quietude, unconcern, mat, unemotionality, impassiveness, matt, lusterlessness, stillness, tranquillity, spit, listlessness, discharge, incuriosity, slime, flatness, impassivity, spiritlessness, insensibleness, uninterest, indifference, saliva, immobility, unfeelingness, calmness, lethargy, dreaminess, lassitude, stolidity, incuriousness, stoicism, insensibility, languor, nonchalance, unresponsiveness, stolidness, inanition, sputum.

Usage examples: