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Definition of pick up:

  1. Alt. of Pickup


grok, halt, clean up, resume, trip up, heft, shepherd, swell, boost, comprehend, accumulate, image, insure, overhear, stroke, meet, acquire, howl, uplift, increase, assure, generate, catch out, retry, give away, name, make a pass at someone, spruce, capture, notice, straighten up, put up, GPS, ask out, con, trance, pinpoint, beguile, crane, enchant, reproduce, get the picture, pile up, reckon, incur, stimulate, breeze through, hoist, necessitate, compass, blast, finance, permeate, sink in, grasp, continue, charm, hike, arrest, proceed, corral, reopen, memorise, try, get a line, ace, knock off, see, ascertain, hook, energise, brace, collar, purchase, overtake, distinguish, flirt, recapture, picture, lift up, swing around, dig, get word, glom, constellate, directional, heighten, interpret, go down with, recover, jump, master, instruct, upraise, handle, sweep through, accompany, run in, rerun, amass, interference, keep up, quest, come back to, detect, nail down, soar, bring, quicken, turn back, hold, require, strike, hen-peck, regard, captivate, divulge, determine, straighten, sail through, footprint, happen upon, proposition, understand, haul off, feel, crown, pull in, peck at, clean out, apprehend, gain vigor, read, invest in, contain, identify, congregate, ease off, uphold, take heed, describe, experience, walk off with, go out, manage, discover, demand, raise, examine, need, go steady, becharm, assemble, consider, jam, pull together, cuddle, walk, pat, pass with flying colors, stop for, make, compile, lead, have, spend, catch, graze, beak, up, perk, let out, go for, perk up, drop, enamor, call for, lump, invade, break, look, secure, visit, snitch, clean, pay out, take, attend, fetch, savvy, pick out, snap up, postulate, enamour, recognize, elate, acquaint yourself with something, pick up after, realize, gather up, see to it, teach, clear out, intoxicate, discern, afflict, get in, seize, give it some gas, get wind, view, go through, turn over, bewitch, come, chase, check, pick up the pieces, escort, watch, award, invite, lash, find out, letter, nick, get, ask, pay, lift, expose, involve, run across, place, kick up, control, chance upon, pinch, book, grow, concentrate, contract, deliver, boom, catch up, come a long way, retrain, turn around, tidy, bounty hunter, memorize, put your affairs in order, request, gross, accelerate, buy, collect, freshen, redd, look up, pair off, quail at, blow, absorb, figure, breathalyze, take in, ascend, cop, learn, improve, hold back, Hear, replay, brush, disclose, build up, nab, take up, take care, entrance, body search, percolate, visualize, put/set/get your house in order, visualise, larn, pick, welcome, soak, get together, construe, attain, get back, key, key out, hitch, come across, pick up speed, take hold of, ghosting, filter, restrain, let on, pluck, group, inebriate, speed up, round up, radar, bear the cost/expense etc., witness, unwrap, bring out, bring back, cell, trim, get your shit together, receive, tell, study, sort out, elevate, carry off, gust, grab, come down with, smack, nag, have your eye on someone, sweep someone off their feet, sweep, disburse, energize, hoard, spot, draw, go about your business, breath test, leach, find, net, solicit, encounter, envision, rise, gather, conduct, bust, smash, repeat, fund, pick at, buy up, date, suffer, develop, import, put your foot down, obtain, touch, walk away with, chat up, fall upon, ensure, peck, restart, roll up, project, catch up with, jack, swing about, sharpen, drive, fancy, complete, bulk, change for the better/worse, thieve, get up, train, bespeak, reveal, observe, apprehension, take up with, listen, realise, get your act together, chance on, peg, run after, stop, arouse, nail, fascinate, light upon, step on it, renew, run into, heave, come upon, garner, pull ahead.