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Definition of pie:

  1. A magpie.
  2. An article of food consisting of paste baked with something in it or under it; as, chicken pie; venison pie; mince pie; apple pie; pumpkin pie.
  3. Any other species of the genus Pica, and of several allied genera.
  4. See Camp, n., 5.
  5. See Pi.
  6. The service book.
  7. Type confusedly mixed. See Pi.


coconut cream, raisin, Proto-indo European, orange, peach, Boston cream, raspberry, pear, custard, chocolate, beef, turkey, lemon meringue, key lime, cherry, apricot, fish, cottage, chocolate cream, banana cream, mince meat, black bottom, blackberry, mince, rice custard, huckleberry, blueberry, pecan, caramel nut, steak-and-kidney, prune, pumpkin, strawberry, pork, lamb, chiffon, gooseberry, pot, rhubarb, ice cream.

Usage examples: