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Definition of piebald:

  1. Fig.: Mixed.
  2. Having spots and patches of black and white, or other colors; mottled; pied.


indiscriminate, sundry, kitchen-sink, blotched, colorful, motley, assorted, ragtag, multi-coloured, coloured, bay, multicolor, heterogeneous, raggle-taggle, multi-color, varicolored, painted, mottled, spotted, brindled, albino, dappled, multi-colored, multicoloured, promiscuous, multicolored, particolored, varied, in color, variegated, multi-colour, calico, miscellaneous, particoloured, pied, tabby, varicoloured, ginger, magpie, eclectic, mixed, marbled, blotchy, dapple-gray, camouflage, colored, splotched, patchwork, pinto, multicolour.

Usage examples: