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Definition of pilfer:

  1. To steal in small quantities, or articles of small value; to practice petty theft.
  2. To take by petty theft; to filch; to steal little by little.


pussyfoot, hoist, gazump, rescind, crochet, crimp, appropriate, repeal, purloin, filch, go up, gyp, glom, face-lift, snare, top, squeeze, addict, bring up, crimes, raise, accost, snitch, arise, slip, pinch, soak, mulct, elevate, diddle, swipe, bunco, snarf, lift, snatch, scam, plume, plagiarise, knock off, walk off with, gip, goldbrick, sneak, revoke, uprise, twitch, tweet, solicit, move up, give, overcharge, victimize, wind, hook, overturn, thieve, creep, help yourself to something, airlift, rise, cabbage, come up, get up, mouse, countermand, run away with, vellicate, kidnap, vacate, rear, annul, reverse, burgle, rip off, hornswoggle, abstract, nobble, rook, twinge, abduct, short-change, pluck, con, surcharge.

Usage examples: