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Definition of pill:

  1. A medicine in the form of a little ball, or small round mass, to be swallowed whole.
  2. Figuratively, something offensive or nauseous which must be accepted or endured.
  3. The peel or skin.
  4. To be peeled; to peel off in flakes.
  5. To deprive of hair; to make bald.
  6. To peel; to make by removing the skin.
  7. To rob; to plunder; to pillage; to peel. See Peel, to plunder.


anovulatory drug, diaphragm, pad of paper, pellet, antacid, tablet, barrier method, dependence, anovulant, anesthetic, jerk, crack den, abortion, amphetamine, check, birth control, cold turkey, pad, contraceptive pill, anaesthetic, abortionist, crackhouse, prophylactic, oral contraceptive pill, tab key, bore, antibiotic, capsule, clean, condom, oral contraceptive, birth control pill, like, dweeb, chit, contraceptive, analgesic, drip, addiction, abuse, poop, tab, bust, coil, contraception, tabloid, yellow journalism, nerd, antidepressant, anticoagulant, comedown, abortionist, anabolic steroid, lozenge.

Usage examples: