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Definition of pillowcase:

  1. A removable case or covering for a pillow, usually of white linen or cotton cloth.


gaucherie, font, trip, slip of paper, cutting, fount, sideslip, guinea pig, face, gaffe, casing, teddy, miscue, pillow tie, vitrine, typesetter's case, strip, showcase, moorage, berth, slick, example, typeface, pillow cover, causa, slip-up, cause, parapraxis, pillow sham, suit, event, solecism, slipperiness, faux pas, instance, cover, eluding, shimmy, sheath, pillow casing, case, caseful, character, type, lawsuit, eccentric, pillow slip, shift, shell, display case, elusion, subject, slickness, compositor's case, skid, slip, mooring, grammatical case, chemise.

Usage examples: