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Definition of pilot:

  1. A heavy wheel, or cross arms with weights at the ends on a revolving axis, to regulate or equalize the motion of machinery by means of its inertia, where the power communicated, or the resistance to be overcome, is variable, as in the steam engine or the coining press. See Fly wheel ( below).
  2. A short plug at the end of a counterbore to guide the tool. Pilots are sometimes made interchangeable.
  3. An instrument for detecting the compass error.
  4. Figuratively: A guide; a director of another through a difficult or unknown course.
  5. Figuratively: To guide, as through dangers or difficulties.
  6. One employed to steer a vessel; a helmsman; a steersman.
  7. One who flies, or is qualified to fly, a balloon, an airship, or a flying machine.
  8. Specifically, a person duly qualified, and licensed by authority, to conduct vessels into and out of a port, or in certain waters, for a fixed rate of fees.
  9. The cowcatcher of a locomotive.
  10. The heading or excavation of relatively small dimensions, first made in the driving of a larger tunnel.
  11. To direct the course of, as of a ship, where navigation is dangerous.
  12. To fly, or act as pilot of ( an aircraft).


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