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Definition of pipeline:

Synonyms for pipeline:

grape, argumentation, note, line, blockage, assembly line, air, crease, occupation, carry, business, cesspit, agate line, melodic phrase, rail line, word of mouth, blood, crinkle, melody, stemma, strain, subscriber line, downspout, line of merchandise, logical argument, argument, phone line, clog, product line, origin, melodic line, back up, wrinkle, business line, railway line, line of products, blood line, course, production line, short letter, tune, transmission line, bank line, line of descent, bloodline, telephone circuit, billet, cutoff, contrast, personal credit line, pedigree, grape vine, line of work, personal line of credit, telephone line, airlock, lineage, cable, grapevine, stock, communication channel, parentage, culvert, channel, furrow, job, line of reasoning, ancestry, line of credit, seam, conduit, demarcation, line of business, credit line, dividing line, descent.

Usage examples: