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Definition of pivot:

  1. A fixed pin or short axis, on the end of which a wheel or other body turns.
  2. Hence, figuratively: A turning point or condition; that on which important results depend; as, the pivot of an enterprise.
  3. The end of a shaft or arbor which rests and turns in a support; as, the pivot of an arbor in a watch.
  4. The officer or soldier who simply turns in his place whike the company or line moves around him in wheeling; - called also pivot man.
  5. To place on a pivot.


pin tumbler, veer, bowling pin, oarlock, divert, pivot man, move, stick, change, tholepin, deflect, peg, swivel, rowlock, fall, swing, shaft, traverse, avert, deviate, wheel, thole, shift, flag, pin, turn.

Usage examples: