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Definition of plastered:

  1. of Plaster


puckish, arch, wet, stiff, sloshed, nonsensical, cockeyed, miffed, groomed, laughable, pixilated, unfaltering, besotted, stringent, intoxicated, zonked, flush, tiddley, mean, absurd, high as a kite, impish, irritated, boozed, certain, laden, roiled, compressed, soaked, miserly, ridiculous, rigorous, stewed, blind, taut, skew-whiff, sozzled, wicked, blind drunk, pissed, tight, lactating, slopped, mischievous, stinking, idiotic, pissed off, blotto, starchy, tiddly, potent, bombed, fuddled, crapulent, slicked, rigid, inebriated, lopsided, firm, unbendable, implike, buckram, mingy, inebriate, ladened, awry, askew, wonky, sealed, steady, potted, wealthy, ludicrous, Drugs, tipsy, annoyed, stoned, sodden, boozy, drunk as a skunk, crapulous, pie-eyed, crocked, moneyed, high, stung, looped, unwavering, preposterous, close, half-seas over, steamed, prankish, drunken, nasty, potty, drunk, nettled, strong, affluent, stinko, unshakable, peeved, squiffy, loaded, riled, derisory, pickled, soused, steadfast, smashed, covered.

Usage examples: