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Definition of plenitude:

  1. Animal fullness; repletion; plethora.
  2. The quality or state of being full or complete; fullness; completeness; abundance; as, the plenitude of space or power.


mountain, sight, bunch, bountifulness, bushel, superabundance, mint, plenty, raft, mass, good deal, plenteousness, store, abound, plentitude, bristle with, quite a few, peck, lot, stack, multiplicity, scads, great deal, yard, carload, be bursting/bulging at the seams, volume, ton, bulge, hundred, loads, pot, slew, a load of/loads of something, hatful, mickle, feast, profusion, potful, oodles, sheaf, heap, passel, flock, chunk, bundle, batch, overflow, be strewn (with), cornucopia, dozen, mess, muckle, wad, pile, all manner of something, shipload, abundance, plentifulness, wealth, much, quite a little, lashings, brim, reams, bounteousness, rich, swarm with, plateful, deal, tidy sum, gobs, fistful, a good/great deal of something, barrel, boatload, plethora, spate, run over, myriad, pack, quantity, truckload, bucket, seethe, basketful, a lot/lots.

Usage examples: