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Definition of plenty:

  1. Full or adequate supply; enough and to spare; sufficiency; specifically, abundant productiveness of the earth; ample supply for human wants; abundance; copiousness.
  2. Plentiful; abundant.


muss, push-down storage, pot, plenitude, band, fruitfulness, torrent, capacity, weed, heap, cud, potful, dope, lot, ken, mound, profuseness, push-down list, flock, excess, green goddess, chaw, atomic pile, trade, push-down stack, pack, jackpot, the great unwashed, piling, hoi polloi, grass, bulk, mess hall, batch, cumulus, slew, enough and to spare, upsurge, mickle, visual sense, atomic reactor, muddle, vision, sess, can, much, caboodle, a good bit, megabucks, muckle, big, spate, circle, wad, tidy sum, rush, all one can use, softwood, push-down store, troop, potty, bonanza, smokestack, good store, whole lot, portion, tummy, barrel, spile, hatful, clutch, luck, quid, sens, destiny, fold, stool, fullness, all one wants, all one needs, enough, kettle of fish, agglomerate, mount, oodles and gobs, hole, mussiness, smoke, power, people, profusion, potentiometer, galvanic pile, cumulation, chain reactor, flood, big money, a great deal, bountifulness, deluge, limit, full house, pile, gage, fix, masses, volume, more than one knows what to do with, stilt, freshet, down, multitude, nap, stack, set, bus, peck, commode, bay window, business deal, throne, jam, great deal, hand, chew, jalopy, messiness, crapper, voltaic pile, plethora, flowerpot, circumstances, mint, lavishness, survey, loads, potbelly, big bucks, bunch, rich, too much of a good thing, all one can drink, plentifulness, everything, world, good deal, a bunch, bargain, surge, raft, all one can eat, adequate stock, draw, passel, profusion, mess, plenteousness, visual modality, great plenty, pickle, skunk, deal, whole slew, sight, avalanche, mountain, lots, kitty, plug, fate, all kinds of, locoweed, corporation, quite a little, mint candy, plentitude, toilet, view, mass, copiousness, bundle.

Usage examples: