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Definition of plethora:

  1. Overfullness; especially, excessive fullness of the blood vessels; repletion; that state of the blood vessels or of the system when the blood exceeds a healthy standard in quantity; hyperaemia; - opposed to anaemia.
  2. State of being overfull; excess; superabundance.


redundancy, overabundance, abundance, spare, supplement, overkill, superabundance, excess, surplusage, plentitude, fat, plenty, complement, superfluity, oversupply, bellyful, wealth, surplus, plus, cornucopia, overrun, feast, overage, overcapacity, surfeit, nimiety, overflow, excessiveness, overmuch, excess, extravagancy, extravagantness, overabundance, exorbitance, addition, plenitude, embarrassment, extravagance, superfluousness, overplus.

Usage examples: