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Definition of pliable:

  1. Capable of being plied, turned, or bent; easy to be bent; flexible; pliant; supple; limber; yielding; as, willow is a pliable plant.
  2. Flexible in disposition; readily yielding to influence, arguments, persuasion, or discipline; easy to be persuaded; - sometimes in a bad sense; as, a pliable youth.


bending, waxen, moldable, tractile, teachable, adaptable, impressionable, workable, flexible, malleable, fictile, flexuous, limber, suggestible, supple, bendable, impressible, docile, waxlike, susceptible, tensile, waxy, flexile, change, bendable, irresolute, supple, workable, adaptive, obedient, ductile, adjustable, pliant, elastic, conciliatory, manageable, whippy, compromising.

Usage examples: