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Definition of plod:

  1. To toil; to drudge; especially, to study laboriously and patiently.
  2. To travel slowly but steadily; to trudge.
  3. To walk on slowly or heavily.


swig, plug, slug, nose, trek, blow up, barge, hump, slough, dramatize, stamp, plug away, amble, hike, bang away, drudge, galumph, stride, flounder, travail, scuffle, clomp, peg, range, drudgery, roam, fill out, stomp, trudge, flog, creak, grind, cast, roll, clump, saunter, strain, lard, grub, wade, tug, plow, drift, snail, inch, moil, embellish, endeavor, peg away, stumble, aggrandize, lump, scuff, shuffle, stray, stroll, tramp, embroider, struggle, plodding, rove, slouch, step, bolster, dig, footslog, sweat, limp, move, strive, dramatise, swan, wander, pound, vagabond, ramble, slog, bumble, donkeywork, fag, lumber, walk, hustle, toil, blunder, stump, pad, beaver, slave, work, aggrandise, slop, tromp, shamble, ooze.

Usage examples: