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Definition of plow:

  1. An old spelling of plough.


release, mind your own business, bang away, distribute, cross, contend, rick, share, plod, crop rotation, ferment, cut through, gang, shroud, beaver, do by, accost, be alone in (doing) something, endeavor, fend for yourself, treat, shovel, steam, allot, palm, crop circle, lot, turn to, cultivated, straddle, heave, jab, all-terrain vehicle, turn over, strive, apportion, moil, hide, get over, horse-hoe, cope, planter, breakdown truck, shell out, comprehend, overlay, track, crop, reverse, do something of your own accord, become, sod, care for, make do, wield, travail, dole out, divvy up, change state, conduct, jar, hand lister, look at, camper van, bend, tug, camper, dig, make out, grapple, sell, corn-hoe, underwrite, hillside, go solo, breed, deform, twist, wrap up, bus, corn, cover up, Plough, change by reversal, thrust, take, sprain, handle, fag, paring, slog, sink or swim, harvester, turn, struggle, do your own thing, harrow, prod, pass over, call, get across, deal, strain, 18-wheeler, flex, wheel hoe, dish out, dispense, parcel out, work, cash crop, hustle, toil, grow, manage, sulky, care, push, shoulder, regale, plug, deal out, stand alone, combine harvester, garden plow, arable, ambulance, get by, extend, picker, report, milking machine, wheel, cultivator, double, hatch, sour, traverse, direct, ATV, spread over, break, brood, insure, shove, move around, peg, cultivate, combine, administer, wrick, drudge, come up to, reaper, 4WD, hoe plow, enshroud, consider, portion out, continue, wrench, carry on, hump, incubate, call on, trade, overcompensate, cover, thrust aside, mole, sweat, tractor, skim, encompass, slave, furrow, embrace, address, bullnose, move, mete out, compensate, grub, process, cut across, speak.

Usage examples: