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Definition of plug:

  1. A block of wood let into a wall, to afford a hold for nails.
  2. A flat oblong cake of pressed tobacco.
  3. A high, tapering silk hat.
  4. A worthless horse.
  5. Any piece of wood, metal, or other substance used to stop or fill a hole; a stopple.
  6. To stop with a plug; to make tight by stopping a hole.


muckle, batten, stop up, punch, hoopla, mass, deal, jade green, taxicab, hatful, chew, rechewed food, slew, pound sterling, trollop, puffery, fix, quid, insure, adulteress, horse, fornicatress, great deal, wad, common scold, hack writer, perforate, drudge, jade, loose woman, nagger, peck, knowledge, stopper, quite a little, pile, nag, showstopper, slog, chaw, spark plug, guarantee, hack, literary hack, pitch, flock, mess, slut, plenty, secure, mickle, stopple, taxi, river, fireplug, passel, tidy sum, heap, fasten, raft, good deal, chewing, jadestone, scrub, hacker, cab, batten down, sight, fire hydrant, pot, advertisement, show-stopper, hussy, fitting, sparking plug, batch, publicity, buildup, filling, hydrant, connection, ballyhoo, stack, lot, twist, quid pro quo, fill, scolder, mountain, conversation stopper, tobacco, pound, mint, cut, machine politician, cud, strumpet, manduction, procure, assure, promotion, scold, mastication, plug away, ward-heeler, peg away, ensure, full, male plug, political hack, hype, spate.

Usage examples: