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Definition of poisonous:

  1. Having the qualities or effects of poison; venomous; baneful; corrupting; noxious.


morbific, roughshod, noisome, malevolent, harmful, foul, captive, inedible, best-of-breed, aquatic, pestilential, reprehensible, pestiferous, mischievous, hard, hazardous, unkind, brutal, deleterious, nasty, peccant, barbarous, monstrous, cruel, awful, attitude, pitiless, dangerous, injurious, hurtful, caged, deplorable, bitchy, articulate, inhuman, venomous, morbiferous, miasmatic, unhealthful, mean, perverting, poisoned, black, toxic, perilous, mephitical, help, uncharitable, corrupt, spiteful, fatal, unsafe, amphibious, arboreal, infective, disastrous, fell, hateful, condemnable, toxicant, anthropoid, destructive, pernicious, virulent, envenomed, malign, risky, savage, poison, toxiferous, criminal, malicious, despiteful, wicked, ruinous, androgynous, asexual, uneatable, mephitic, bad, vicious, morbid, detrimental, damaging.

Usage examples: