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Definition of polarity:

  1. A property of the conic sections by virtue of which a given point determines a corresponding right line and a given right line determines a corresponding point. See Polar, n.
  2. That quality or condition of a body in virtue of which it exhibits opposite, or contrasted, properties or powers, in opposite, or contrasted, parts or directions; or a condition giving rise to a contrast of properties corresponding to a contrast of positions, as, for example, attraction and repulsion in the opposite parts of a magnet, the dissimilar phenomena corresponding to the different sides of a polarized ray of light, etc.


star sign, blackout, arc, collision, signaling, oppositeness, a world of difference, preindication, planetary house, distinction, mutual opposition, signboard, mansion, contradiction, divergence, diversity, sign, antithesis, augury, active, foretoken, contraposition, contradistinction, contrariness, contrast, arc light, difference, sign of the zodiac, variation, support, mark, signal, brownout, variety, house.

Usage examples: