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Definition of polemic:

  1. A polemic argument or controversy.
  2. Engaged in, or addicted to, polemics, or to controversy; disputations; as, a polemic writer.
  3. Of or pertaining to controversy; maintaining, or involving, controversy; controversial; disputative; as, a polemic discourse or essay; polemic theology.
  4. One who writes in support of one opinion, doctrine, or system, in opposition to another; one skilled in polemics; a controversialist; a disputant.


announcement, questionable, flow, formulation, questionable, allegation, contestable, assurance, polemical, difficulty, dispute, quarrel, controversial, polemicist, conflict, clash, assertion, discursive, contestable, argument, hassle, controversy, contention, argumentative, argumentative, delivery, bicker, tiff, disagreement, polemist, uncertain, disputatious, fustian, fight, rhubarb, squabble, spat, run-in, diction, gymnastics, quarrelsome, fluency, idiolect, attestation, affirmation, wrangle, apologia, altercation, discursive, disputatious, tangle, apology, monotone, debate, uncertain, quarrelsome, accusation, avowal, word, formality.

Usage examples: