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Definition of pommel:

  1. A knob; any globular ornament; the knob on a sword- hilt; the protuberant part of a saddle- bow.
  2. To beat; to beat roughly.


ball, horsewhip, vanquish, paddle, clip, beat, bat, lambaste, tromp, club, whale, slate, bore, harness, bastinado, crop, hide, calibre, hammer, handle, thickening, boss, pound, spank, cudgel, strike, fib, whip, bayonet, flog, buffet, lace, bludgeon, surpass, bruise, butt, whop, lick, fence, bridle, horn, scourge, conquer, wallop, lather, overcome, curry, do, punch out, biff, baste, node, tan, thresh, whup, chamber, barrel, defeat, worst, rough, switch, thump, caliber, belt, bung up, knock, saddlebow, maul, gauge, work over, chastise, pummel, hit, slog, bang, smite, smash, birch, castigate, drub, mess, hurdle, lash, blinders, belabor, knob, punch, batter, girth, halter, bash, bit, hilt, thrash, pelt.

Usage examples: