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Definition of pomposity:

  1. The state of being pompous; ostentation; magnificence of display; showiness; boastfulness.


masterfulness, self-esteem, self-assumption, pretense, pretension, pretentiousness, toploftiness, puffiness, flash, vainglory, self-satisfaction, self-admiration, rising prices, display, largeness, plain, boasting, lump, bumptiousness, presumptuousness, self-conceit, self-consequence, vaunting, ostentatiousness, fanfare, bombast, peremptoriness, grandioseness, imperiousness, bighead, superciliousness, swelled head, superiority, self-love, huffiness, vaunt, haughtiness, vaingloriousness, smugness, swelling, self-glory, swellheadedness, assumption, balderdash, ostentation, lordliness, self-congratulation, pompousness, pageant, self-opinion, pridefulness, conceitedness, vainness, inflation, self-importance, egotism, amour propre, consequence, pride, show, complacency, splashiness, ego, high horse, hauteur, boast, nonsense, loftiness.

Usage examples: