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Definition of ponderous:

  1. Weighty; massive.


labored, heavyweight, heavy, intemperate, conversational, lowering, net, elephantine, declamatory, gravid, monotonous, dreary, tame, uninteresting, arduous, jading, fleshy, tiring, lumpy, threatening, colorless, lumpish, cranky, pedestrian, numbing, with child, wearisome, clunky, mind-numbing, dusty, sullen, sound, unhandy, enceinte, expectant, laboured, drudging, density, hefty, nett, good, dead weight, large, wearying, big, overweight, profound, ho-hum, clumsy, stuffy, toilsome, discursive, heavy-handed, grueling, weighed down, hard, crisp, laborious, counterweight, jejune, dry, operose, stodgy, wakeless, cumbersome, impenetrable, flat, gruelling, diffuse, stale, load, humdrum, tedious, punishing, easy, cumbrous, sonorous, bunglesome, arid, awkward, clean, drab, backbreaking, cloggy, tiresome, ungainly, monochromatic, old, unwieldy, heavy-footed, clayey, articulate, light, lumbering, economical, circuitous, lightweight, grievous, weary, great, grave.

Usage examples: