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Definition of pool:

  1. A piece of standing water less than a lake; a small collection of water, or of a liquid, in a hollow.


group, kitty, capacity, Aqualung, arithmetic, pond, board, army, allocation, batch, cue, kitten, corps, dice, ration out, jackpot, combine, flicker, body, diving bell, double up, balance, family, clinic, backlog, glitter, drop, draw, dazzle, double, baize, pocket billiards, allowance, crime syndicate, coalition, bingo, divide, bathhouse, parcel out, radiance, die, pussycat, pussy, diving board, switch off, kitty-cat, billiards, trickle, consortium, splash, puss, redistribute, gleam, moisture, spatter, jet, twinkle, length, river, distribute, block, class, craps, pocket, sip, infinity pool, glare, pot, cushion, lane, committee, accumulation, cue ball, frame, puddle, casino, leak, amount, condensation, money, fruit machine, poolside, syndicate, light, bar billiards, cabal, sparkle, mob, flash.

Usage examples: