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Definition of poor:

  1. Having small means; needy; of little or no use or value; paltry; mean; wanting in strength, beauty, or dignity; not fertile, as a soil; worthy of compassion; spiritless; dejected; lean; emaciated; without good qualities; wretched or miserable, in contempt; in Scrip., humble or contrite.


sour, crude, deplorable, spare, scant, frail, despicable, affected, unimportant, unprovided for, sterile, wanting, barren, junky, scurvy, not go far, feeble, old-fashioned, wanting, jejune, corny, infirm, hapless, base, petty, indigent, sad, amateur, heartbreaking, insufficient, beggarly, wretched, resourceless, insufficient, insolvent, stone-broke, dry, dirt farmer, dull, ruined, paltry, strapped, humble, brusk, sorry, crummy, rich, unworthy, poverty stricken, threadbare, bargain-basement, awful, inept, white trash, homespun, broke, rotten, trifling, someone couldn't do something if they tried, common, in short/limited supply, ruthful, subpar, distressing, I know the feeling, shortsighted, undistinguished, pitiable, bush-league, destitute, bust, unfertile, necessitous, pinched, big, sparing, flimsy, penurious, the needy, reduced, derisory, low-down, insipid, slummy, wealthy, necessitous, distressed, mean, crappy, insignificant, abject, aw, threadbare, incompetent, low, trifling, short, pedestrian, starving, unproductive, suboptimal, ramshackle, light, bereft, woebegone, myopic, gimcrack, mediocre, pathetic, someone's heart goes out to someone, cheapjack, someone's heart/sympathy/thoughts go out to someone, skint, schlock, tasteless, (oh,) what a shame, pauper, good, forgetful, contemptible, bastard, execrable, flimsy, hardscrabble, inexpert, silly, beggared, ugly, pity, needy, unwholesome, el cheapo, minor, woeful, tight, unfruitful, slum, heartrending, spare, pitiful, trivial, puny, poverty-stricken, raunchy, too bad, out-of-date, suffering, the least/less privileged, bless him/her/them, the have-nots, straitened, lamentable, deficient, ill, diminutive, worthless, second-class, glaring, poor people, dowdy, thin, stinted, lousy, meagre, shoddy, underdeveloped, crap, weak, underprivileged, impecunious, unforesightful, inelegant, worthless, substandard, trashy, fragile, unsuccessful, newfangled, stripped, showy, flashy, wanting, dead, indisposed, limited, lower, vulgar, meagre, punk, famished, moneyless, stark, in straitened circumstances, terrible, slimy, smaller, low-grade, little, homely, imperfect, barren, impecunious, inferior, indigent, rubbishy, artificial, slipshod, odd, ordinary, cheesy, trivial, disadvantaged, unfortunate, rock-bottom, measly, valueless, beggar, lame, brusque, feeble, dirt-poor, deprived, inadequate, schlocky, second-rate, penniless, helpless, garish, gaudy, flaunting, embarrassing, pretentious, barbarous, misfortunate, unacceptable, needful, impotent, disgraceful, coarse, embarrassed, subnormal, off, subordinate, Badly off, piteous, exiguous, sorry, dire, sterile, ridiculous, low-rent, easy, inadequate, shabby, skimp, unsightly, sick, weak, trashy, faint, impoverished, loud, the dispossessed, cut-rate, woru, dissatisfactory, petty, slender, I don't envy you/him etc., slim, needy, wack, tawdry, peasant, I know, the poor, mean, wretched, disappointing, outlandish, bush, infertile, scummy, secondary, tame, disappointing, average, infirm, lean, disgusting, rustic, you can't win them all/(you) win some, (you) lose some, sleazy, lesser, excess, incapable, trumpery, pauperized, stony-broke, unequal, languid, well-to-do, no good, miserable, curt, waste, hard up, unretentive, cheap, bony, penniless, bum, rueful, desolate, paltry, bad.

Usage examples: